SPSF History

History: Saint Paul Seminary Foundation, as an academic institution, was established for the formation of aspirants to the Society of St. Paul. The Society of St. Paul is a religious congregation founded on August 20, 1914, in Alba (Italy) by Blessed James Alberione. The Paulines are consecrated persons serving the Church by announcing to man the Gospel of Jesus Christ by means of the media of social communication.
The first Pauline missionaries landed on Philippine shores on July 7, 1935, and set up the first formation and apostolic house in Lipa City, Batangas (Philippines). From Batangas, the Paulines transferred to Pasay City (Metro Manila) in 1941. Formal studies in sede started in the 1950s. Academic formation was affiliated with the Rizal City College, Pasay City.

In 1960, Saint Paul Seminary moved to Makati. In 1965, the Seminary received recognition from the government to offer the General and Classical Secondary courses. Then in 1968, Saint Paul Seminary was given government recognition to offer the four-year Liberal Arts course, with major in Philosophy and minor in either History, English, or Graphic Arts. The year 1988 saw the revision of the Seminary’s four-year Liberal Arts course which offered Bachelor of Arts, with major in Philosophy and with minor in Mass Communication. Due to high cost of operations and maintenance the High School Department was eventually phased out in 1989.
Taking cue from the “signs of the times”, the 1990’s saw Saint Paul Seminary switching to “high-tech” formation of future Paulines. Development of personnel and updating of equipment and facilities of the Seminary became the order of the decade, which culminated in the recent transfer of Saint Paul Seminary to Silang, Cavite in June 1993. Its site having an idyllic ambiance, with an ample space of 1.6 hectares, the three-story main seminary building has an area of 4,000 square meters which houses the modern facilities for the formation of the aspirants.


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